Lp '67, reissue Tom Prehn Quartet 2001

John Corbett, liner notes:
The music on this record is startlingly original… decades later it is still a remarkable document, effectively merging jazz energy with characteristics that wouldn't fully emerge in European free music until later in its development…. and the importance of the modernist tradition makes itself heard… a document that should force free music aficionados to rethink familiar maps 34-years later.
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Dan Warburton, Paris Transatlantic Magazine:
And what a find! Tom Prehn reveals himself to be a singularly original pianist… Prehn's playing partners were equally open-minded musically. Tenorman Fritz Krogh can handle both wild, expressionistic blowing and intricate pitch-sensitive composition… Bassist Poul Ehlers and drummer Preben Vang are a revelation… they seem to anticipate with uncanny precision the music of a later generation of European free players… original free music of the highest calibre…
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Nils Jacobson, all about jazz:
…the tiny country of Denmark has actually spawned some great music…
The disc Tom Prehn Quartet has much to offer both as an important historical document as well as a generous demonstration of imaginative, open-ended improvisation.
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